Make-a-Silver Ring


This guide will show you how to make a ring with silver clay and heat resistant cubic zirconia stone. To ensure a smooth making process, start by watching our instruction video at the bottom of the page, then read through the guide before jumping in to start 🙂
Active Time1 hr
Firing & Polishing Time1 hr
Total Time2 hrs
Yield: 1 99.9% silver ring


  • 1 sculpting tool
  • 1 ring size measuring tool
  • 1 ceramic ring sizer
  • 1 heat proof paper
  • 1 paper
  • 1 acrylic rolling sheet
  • 1 non-stick mat
  • 1 silver clay recycle pot


  • 5 g silver clay
  • 3 units heat resistant cubic zirconia stones
  • 1 cup water


Before your start making the ring

  • Determine your ring size by measuring with our ring measurement tool. Let our community manager know your actual ring size and you will be handed the correct ceramic ring sizer.
    *You will need to size up 1 size for our ceramic ring sizer
  • Select your choice of cubic zirconia stones

Let's start!

    Kneading & rolling

    • Apply a tiny bit of lotion to your hands to prevent the clay from sticking
    • Open up your silver clay packaging, carefully knead the clay with the plastic packaging it comes in and gather all the clay into a chunk
    • Place clay on the mat and roll it out with the acrylic rolling sheet. Roll the clay out to be slightly longer than the circumference of the ceramic ring sizer
    • Wrap the silver clay noodle around the ceramic ring sizer. Cut off the excess clay and keep the excess clay in the silver clay recycle pot
      *Silver clay is expensive, please recycle all the extra clays 🙂

    Sculpting & shaping

    • Join both ends of the clay by dabbing *very tiny bit of water* on both ends of the clay, and gently combine both ends with the sculpting tool.
      *The clay gets sticky when there's even a tiny bit of water, use only a little bit of water (less than 1 drop) and only handle wet clay with the sculpting tool and not your hands to prevent the clay from sticking to your hands 🙂

    Embedding cubic zirconia stones

    • Press each cubic zirconia stones onto the clay where both ends are joined. Ensure the stones are embedded completely inside the clay with only the surface exposed.
      To determine if the stone is completely embedded, check the side of your ring to see if the highest point of the stone is exposed outside the clay, if the highest point of the stone is exposed, press it down further until the it is not visible from the sides
    • After ensuring all stones are embedded within the clay, you will need to very slightly cover all around the edges of the stone with clay by gently pushing in the clay around the stones.
      This step is very important, it is to prevent the stones from popping out during the firing process

    Final Touch-up!

    • After you are done embedding the stones, it's time to do a final touch up! Use a tiny bit of water (less than a drop) to smoothen out the silver clay, this is the time to remove all fold lines, bumps, pin holes as they will be visible after firing.
    • When you are done, place all your tools and equipment along with your ring in the tray and pass it to our community manager, they'll firing the ring for you 🙂
      The firing and polishing process will take about an hour, you can hang out around our cafe or come back and pick up your ring when it's done!



    Remember that working with precious metal clay is a practice and takes a lot of time, with continual learning and development. If you don’t make a masterpiece the first time, don’t worry! If something flops, doesn’t work out, breaks or stone pops out – don’t take it too hard on yourself! A big part of working with precious metal clay is accepting broken
    imperfect shapes, cracks and bumpy surface, but keep going!
    Precious metal clay can be recycled and re-used before it goes to the firing state, so take your time and enjoy the process!
    Smoothing out the clay and ensuring the stones are completely embedded are the keys to making a ring with precious metal clay.

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