Paint Your Own Ceramic

Paint Your Own Ceramic

This guide will show you how to paint your own ceramic. Ceramic pottery is pretty chill, but we've got a bunch of tips and tricks to make sure your final creation comes out looking awesome and smooth.
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Active Time1 hr
Enamel setting1 hr
Total Time2 hrs
Yield: 1 ceramic


  • 1 set of brush
  • 1 cup of water
  • 1 paper towel
  • 1 whiteboard marker


  • 1 unit ceramic
  • 1 set ceramic enamel


  • Ensure your ceramic is grease-free before painting.
  • You can start by painting free hand with our enamel or sketch with whiteboard marker first.
  • If you would like to sketch with whiteboard marker first, ensure that you do not paint enamel over whiteboard marker. Whiteboard marker can be erased after enamel setting procedure.

Enameling tips & trick

  • Shake enamel well before use.
  • Paint 1-2 coats of enamel only. Using too much paint will result in rough surface after enamel setting procedure.
  • If enamel is too thick, dilute with a small amount of thinner. DO NOT use water to dilute.
  • Wash your brush between each change of color. Dry the brush well on the paper towel before moving on to your next color.

Important note

  • Only surfaces which do not come in contact with food should be decorated. However, migration tests carried out by an accredited laboratory have shown that accidental contact of decorated areas with food does not represent a danger to health.
  • Final product is dishwasher safe.


Artwork Identification – Once you’re done painting, submit a picture of your artwork using the Artwork Identification Form so we can identify your artwork.
Collection Time – Your pieces will be ready for collection the same day. Kindly wait for 45 mins for the enamel setting procedure (done by our community manager)

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