Paint your own pottery

Paint your own pottery

This guide will show you how to paint your own bisqueware. Painting pottery is pretty chill, but we've got a bunch of tips and tricks to make sure your final creation comes out looking awesome and shiny. 🎨✨
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Active Time1 hr
Firing Time21 d
Total Time21 d 1 hr
Yield: 1 ceramic


  • 1 set of brush
  • 1 sponge
  • 1 pencil


  • 1 cup water
  • 1 unit of M size bisqueware Pottery painting is addictive, reach out to our community manager to add-on more bisquewares
  • 1 set underglaze


  • Sketch your design with pencil and don't worry about messy sketching with pencil. We promise pencil marks will fire off completely in the kiln.
  • Start painting with underglazes

Bisqueware handling

  • Treat bisqueware with care, it can be very fragile before firing. Avoid applying excessive pressure or force.
    When picking up or moving bisqueware, provide support from the bottom. Avoid holding it only from the sides or top, as this can increase the risk of breakage. This helps distribute the weight evenly and reduces the risk of breakage.
    Eg. If you are painting a mug with handle, hold the body of the mug instead of the handle. If you are painting a plate, hold the base instead of the edges.

Underglaze tips & tricks

  • Always refer to the color chart for actual color after firing. The actual color after firing will appear to be very similar to the underglaze color when it's wet.
  • There is no need to dilute the underglaze. The only time you use your water is when you wash your brush between each change of color. Dry the brush well on the sponge before moving on to your next color
  • Paint 1 layer for transparent finishing
  • Paint 2 layers for opaque finishing
  • For the best results and coverage we recommend a maximum of two coats of underglazes. Each coat dries very quickly (less than 10 seconds) but please ensure that your first coat of paint is dry before moving on to the second coat. Please note that if you are using dots on your pottery painting design, they only require one coat.
  • Paint light color first. Underglazes are a bit like watercolors – if you put a dark color on first, any light colors put on top won’t be as bright as they should be
  • Area not painted will be white & shiny after firing. You don't need to paint any area that you want to be white.
  • If you make a mistake with underglaze, use a damp sponge to wipe off the underglaze. Please bear in mind that dark colous can stain the pottery and are difficult to remove completely.
  • ⚠️⚠️DO NOT paint more than 2 layers, your fired artwork will not be smooth and shiny if too much underglaze is used. ⚠️⚠️
  • ⚠️⚠️DO NOT paint the base of your bisqueware as it will stick to the kiln shelf and crack. ⚠️⚠️

How to draw a perfect dot

  • You can achieve perfect dots by dotting with the other end of your paint brush.
  • If you would like all of your dots to be the same size, you must dip your paintbrush handle into the paint every time you create a dot.
  • If you need the dots to be different sizes, dip the brush handle in and then keep dotting; each dot will get gradually smaller and smaller.
  • Dots only need one coat.


Artwork Identification – Once you’re done painting, submit a picture of your artwork using the Artwork Identification Form so we can identify your artwork.
Collection Time – Your pieces will be ready for collection in about 2-3 weeks. We will inform you via WhatsApp to come back and pick up your ring!
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