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Happy Hour Club Cafe serves high quality coffee selections and many other special beverages like their unique floral infused series, crafted from carefully hand-picked edible flower petals, seasonal fruits, and fragrant herbs.

In terms of food, Happy Hour Club Cafe is known for their croffles that are raved by many foodies and bloggers.

View our latest menu below.

Plain Butter Croffle RM 8.00

Indulge in the perfect combination of flaky, buttery & crispy texture with our Plain Croffle. Made with real butter &…

Creamy Garlic Croffle RM 13.00

Indulge in the flavorful combination of flaky croffle with our homemade creamy garlic sauce, the perfect choice for brunch, lunch,…

Mentai Croffle RM 13.00

Get ready for a flavor explosion with our Mentai Croffle! Featuring a savory base topped with luscious mentai sauce that's…

Chicken Floss Mayo Croffle RM 13.00

A heavenly combination of our flaky & crispy croffle, topped with a generous serving of savory chicken floss and a…

Classic Golden Croffle RM13.00 - RM14.00

Our signature flaky & crispy croffle topped with very delicious secret signature cream & maple drizzle. Each bite of our…

Biscoff Croffle RM 13.00

A heavenly blend of our signature crispy & fluffy croffle, topped with a generous serving of Lotus Biscoff cookie spread…

Nutella Croffle RM 13.00

Indulge your sweet tooth with our Nutella Croffle, a fusion of our signature flaky & fluffy croffle, topped with a…

Belgian Chocolate Croffle RM 13.00

Satisfy your sweet cravings with the intense, chocolatey flavor of Belgian chocolate as it beautifully blends with the buttery and…

Americano RM8.00 - RM9.00

Black Coffee served hot or iced

Latte RM10.00 - RM11.00

Latte served hot or iced

Flat White RM 10.00

Cuppuccino RM 10.00

Affogato RM 11.00

A shot of dark espresso poured gently over scoops of vanilla ice cream

Hazelnut Latte RM11.00 - RM12.00

Hazelnut latte served hot or iced

Belgian Chocolate RM11.00 - RM12.00

We make really good chocolate drinks!

Hazelnut Chocolate RM12.00 - RM13.00

We make really good chocolate drinks!

Matcha Latte RM12.00 - RM13.00

Fizzy Mango with Floral Infused Ice RM 14.00

A very, very beautiful drink

Fizzy Rose Lychee with Floral Infused Ice RM 14.00

A very, very beautiful drink

Fizzy Virgin Mojito with Floral Infused Ice RM 14.00

A very, very beautiful drink

Chamomile Tea RM9.00 - RM9.00


Lemongrass Tisanes RM9.00 - RM9.00


Green Tea RM9.00 - RM9.00

Peppermint Tea RM9.00 - RM9.00


Earl Grey Tea RM9.00 - RM9.00

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