About our tufting workshop

Backed by Asia’s biggest tufting supplier – Tuftin’ Asia, we’re bringing you an elevated version of tufting experience that we proudly call Tufting 2.0.

So what exactly is Tufting 2.0? It’s the first in South East Asia and nothing like any other tufting workshop in you have seen before in the market.

We’re using innovative tufting systems & solution to give our customers the best tufting experience. All the common issues faced in tufting e.g. – having sore arms due to heavy weight guns, torn fabric, final products that are shedding/fraying, these don’t happen in our tufting workshop. We assure you your final product will look like store-bought rug.

Here’s why we’re confident with our tufting workshops 🙂

Weightless Tufting Systems

Holding our gun is like holding air, no more sore arms, kid-friendly as well.

Professional carpet finishing

Professional edge binding for all artwork – Just like store-bought luxury rug

Rug yarns, not knitting yarns

We use only professional rug yarns that are crush-resistant. You can actually step on your rug and the yarns will bounce right back.

Modular frame

Can’t find the right frame size for your artwork? Our modular frame is able to cater to any frame size up to 5×2.5 meter, get in touch with us to make a custom size rug.

To make sure you get the best experience out of our tufting workshop, we need to start off on the right foot with designs suitable for tufting. Here’s a guide we’ve put together to help our participants understand the requirements for tufting designs. 

To find out more about our tufting workshops, visit this link.

Book a workshop with us today to experience the best tufting workshop in Malaysia and possibly the whole South East Asia 🙂

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