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Happy Hour Club is the first ever creative DIY experiential cafe in Malaysia, serving great coffee, mouth-watering butter bath toasts and aesthetically pleasing beverages, at the same time offering DIY experiences such as pottery painting, tufting, silver clay DIY and more to come. Set in a gorgeous cafe brimming with Insta-worthy spots, it is the perfect place for cafe-hoppers and lovers of arts & crafts to unwind and be creative.

Happy Hour Club essentially aims to provide an elevated cafe experience through fun and functional DIY experiences such as pottery painting, tufting, silver clay DIY, sculpture-casting (coming soon), and many more to come in the efforts to promote the idea that taking time off is essential to our lives.

We have put lots of thoughts into each DIY experience that we are bringing in our cafe. All our DIY experiences are intentionally conducted in a non-classroom-like setting for guests to unleash their creative freedom. We do not have an instructor that’s always monitoring you, but we do have a few community managers around that are always available whenever you need help with your project. We also do not set a fixed duration for all DIY experiences, feel free to create while having a sip of coffee & chatting away with your friends in our cafe.

So come on over to and visit us if you’re into cafe or crafting/DIY experiences or both! Our cafe is pretty chill & relaxing even if you’re not joining any of our experiences. Whether you are here for food and drinks, or DIY experience, or even for both, your time with us will be well spent.

We can’t wait to meet you!

DIY experiences that we are currently offering:-

  • Pottery/ceramic painting
  • Tufting
  • Make-a-silver-ring 
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