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How to order?

For dine-in: Scan QR provided in the cafe, place your order and pay online. At the moment we only accept online payment. We going cashless!

For pick-up/delivery: Order through /FOOD DELIVERY link on our website header, select pick-up or delivery, pay online and you’re good to go.


Is Happy Hour Club Cafe halal?

Our cafe is not halal-certified but our food & drinks are muslim-friendly, alcohol-free and pork-free.


Do I need a reservation?

No reservation is required for dining in.


What do you guys serve?

We serve coffee, non-caffeinated drinks and our signature Butter Bath Toast. Visit this link for our complete menu.


How to book for a tufting workshop?

To secure a spot for our workshop, book online via this link at the header of our website /Book a workshop.

Do you guys take walk-in?

We don’t take last minute walk-in for our tufting workshop. Kindly book ahead via this link.

Is tufting workshop suitable for kids?

Our tufting workshop is suitable for kids age 10 & above.

What is the price of your tufting workshop?

Prices are set by the size of frame. Visit this link to learn about the prices of our workshops. We provide discounted price for frame sharing and group booking.

Can I share a frame with another person?

Yes! We charge an additional fee for frame sharing. If you’d like to come with your partner, friends, or family, book for a shared frame to get a deeply discounted price per pax 🙂

What if I can’t finish my artwork within the workshop duration?

If you are unable to complete your artwork within the workshop duration, extensions are available at MYR 50/hour, subject to availability.

I have an emergency and couldn’t make it to the workshop!

We accept rescheduling at least 24 hours before your booking. Drop us an email or Whatsapp us at +60129837341

We do not offer cancellation or refund after booking confirmation. If you fail to show up during your session without rescheduling, your booking will be considered used.

Can I bring my artwork home immediately after the workshop?

You will not be able to bring your artwork home immediately after the workshop. We will need 3-5 days to finish the backing with latex glue and hem the edges with a serging machine so it looks professionally made. Your artwork will be ready for collection/posted within 7 days depending on the mode of collection you choose during your booking.

Do you do private workshop or event?

Yes! We do private workshops & events. Drop us an email or hit us up at Whatsapp +60129837341 to enquire further.9

What is your rug finishing process?

Our process of finishing your artwork is exactly the same as the process used by carpet manufacturer. We use professional latex binder manufacturer for rug backing, and a heavy duty serging machine to hem the edges of your artwork so it will last forever.


I spilled something on my rug, help!

Incase of any spill, immediately blot the liquid with paper towels. The yarns we used in our studio are professional rug yarn and they are made to be water resistant.

If there is any stain left, use a neutral cleaner or carpet cleaner to wipe off.


Can I wash my rug?

Just as any store bought luxury hand-tufted carpet, your rug should not be hand-wash or machine-wash, it should be cleaned by professional carpet cleaner. 

For home cleaning, we recommend using 3M™ ‎Scotchgard™ Fabric & Carpet Cleaner, just spray, let dry, brush off then vacuum! It’s super easy 🙂

Currently in the market, there isn’t any hand-tufted carpet that officially states that it can be machine-wash or hand-wash.


Why is my rug shedding?

It is normal for newly tufted rug to shed excess fibers. Frequent vacuuming will aid in eliminating excess loose fibers. The shedding will diminish with regular wear and vacuuming. If you see any loose fibers, do not pull it, neatly clip with a pair of scissors instead.

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