Tufting Workshop M frame (90*90cm)


Backed by Asia’s biggest tufting supplier – Tuftin’ Asia, Happy Hour Club Cafe & Workshop is bringing you an elevated version of tufting experience that we proudly call Tufting 2.0.

So what exactly is Tufting 2.0? It’s the first in South East Asia and nothing like any other tufting workshop in you have seen before in the market.

We’re using innovative tufting systems & solution to give our customers the best tufting experience. All the common issues faced in tufting e.g. – having sore arms due to heavy weight guns, torn fabric, final products that are shedding/fraying, these don’t happen in our tufting workshop. We assure you your final product will look like store-bought rug, only it’s handmade by yourself.

We currently offer 4 options for tufting workshop. If you are completely new to tufting, we recommend going for XS or S size frame. If you have tried out tufting before or just feeling adventurous, do go for M or L size frame. We use weightless tufting system so you don’t have to worry about having sore arms after our workshops 🙂 Visit this link for tufting frame size comparisons or this link to read about how our tufting workshop is different from the rest in the market.

What do you get when you book an M size frame?

You will have a 90*90cm frame to yourself with 1 tufting gun. You can share your frame with up to 1 friend.

How many artwork can I create

You can create unlimited number of artwork in your frame, however we will only provide complementary backing & edges finishing for 1 artwork per person (that means 2 artwork if you are sharing the frame with a friend!). If you wish to finish the backing for extra artwork, we do sell rug backing finishing kit here.

What is the fee?

One 90*90cm frame with 1 tufting gun is MYR 550 at standard rate. We’re having an early bird promo at MYR 399/frame with 1x complimentary drink from our cafe menu.

We provide discount for multiple frame booking, Whatsapp +60129837341 for group discount rate.

More Information
Duration: 4-5 hours

Design to be provided by you. There are certain requirements for tufting design, please read more about the design requirement here. We suggest going for beginner-friendly design in your first class.

When will my artwork be ready?
We provide professional backing finishing & edge binding for free, artwork will be ready for collection in 3 weeks.

You can also choose to do your own finishing on the spot for immediate collection of artwork on the same day. Please note that this will take about 1 hour to be done by yourself. Carpet serging is not available if you do your own finishing. If you choose this option, please book slots before 2pm.

How to book?
1) Choose a date & time that you would like to book.
2) Payment to be made immediately via our website.
3) Once you have booked for a frame, head over to this link to read about our design requirement. You will need to provide your design to us via Whatsapp to +60129837341 at least 3 days before your workshop. If you book a last minute workshop, please have your design sent to us as soon as possible.

Our Policies
Minimum Age
Participants must be aged 10 and above. Kids below the age of 10 will need to be accompanied by parents of guardians.

Feel free to go at your own pace, we don’t charge any extension fee if you exceed the time limit. Our space is a cafe that is meant for you to hang out and chill.

Rescheduling may be made at least 24 hours before scheduled appointment time. Reschedule in less than 24 hours will incurred a late rescheduling fees of RM50/pax. Reschedule slots are subject to availability.

We do not offer refunds after payment confirmation.
No-shows will be considered as slots used.

To reschedule, please Whatsapp us at +60129837341 or email us at hi@happyhourclub.com.my


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