Happy Packs – Pottery Painting Party Pack (for 10 pax)

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A thoughtfully put together pottery painting kit perfect for everyone and all ages. Our pottery painting kit is designed to help you paint something you’ll be proud of, even if you’re a total newbie! The how-to guide will help to ease you through the whole process to ensure you fall in love with pottery/ceramic painting and the joy it can bring! Also, did we mention, upon firing, your piece will turn into ceramic that is food safe, microwave & dishwasher safe and will last forever?

This kit is made for 1 person, it includes everything you need to paint your very own ceramic, as well as free firing service and optional return airwaybill. We make things simple for you so you can focus on being creative 😉

Read more below about the process, as well as how to add extra glaze colours and object shapes to your pack.

What’s included in your kit?
-Your choice of 6x semi-fired ready to paint object (it’s called a bisqueware)
-Set of 24 20ml underglaze (enough to paint more than 10 bisquewares)
-20x paint brush
-Complimentary handling & firing service for 20x painted bisquewares
-How-to guide
-1x optional prepaid local return airwaybill for firing service – drop off at any Pos Laju/Pos Malaysia outlet (an inflatable packaging will be included in your kit if you add on this service)
**Feel free to use your own courier service to return the painted pieces if it is cheaper, but be sure to wrap up your pieces securely with lots of cushion 😉

Underglazes provided in this package are more than enough for 10 bisqueware, you can add on more bisqueware or more underglaze color here.

All painted ceramics will be fired in our kiln at ~1200° celcius, the final product is food safe, microwave & dishwasher safe, like any other ceramic bought commercially, only that it’s painted all by yourself.

How does it work?
1. Purchase a kit and have it delivered to the comfort of your own space
2. Using the tools provided you can paint your object however your heart desires. We recommend turning on your favourite playlist, binge watching your favourite TV show, or inviting a buddy over for a painting party!
3. Once you’ve finished painting your bisqueware, you can either drop off your piece at our cafe here or post your piece back to us with the airwaybill you added on and we’ll fire the piece up to 1200 degrees celsius in our kiln to make it food safe, microwave & dishwasher safe.
4. Your fired pieces will be ready for collection or mailed back to the address provided by you.

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Additional information

Weight 10 kg
Do you need a local return airwaybill?

Yes (my address is in peninsular Malaysia), Yes (my address is in east Malaysia), No (I'll drop off the painted object at Happy Hour Club Cafe & Workshop)

After your piece has been fired, would you like us to mail it to your address?

Yes (my address is in peninsular Malaysia), Yes (my address is in east Malaysia), No (I'll pick up my final product from Happy Hour Club Cafe & Workshop)


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