Silver Clay Workshop


Create your very own one-of-a-kind pendant/ring/miniature in our Silver Clay Workshop. It’s fun, fast and full of creative magic as you transform ‘clay’ to pure silver.

We use precious metal silver clay in this workshop. It is made up of recycled silver particles, organic binder and water. Once it’s fired, it will turn into 99.9% silver.

You will be given 5g of silver clay (enough for 2 pendants or 1 pair of earrings or 1 ring or 1 miniature) & 3 units of heat resistant cubic zirconia stone along with all other tools & equipment to make a ring. Our community manager will explain the step-by-step of working with silver clay before you start, you will also be given a mobile-friendly tutorial so you can go at your own pace at our cafe without rushing.

Once you are done shaping your silver clay, our community manager will then fire the ring and have it polished. Your artwork will be ready for collection within a week 🙂

The finished product is 99.9% silver. You can wear the final product made from silver clay to exercise, shower, swim and they will not tarnish!

Duration: Approx. 1-2 hours

Each session includes:-
– 1x 5g silver clay
– 3x heat resistant cubic zirconia stone
– All tools & materials
– 1x complimentary drink from our cafe menu (You can order in-store when you arrive :))

**Our instructor would recommend the amount of silver clay required to make your artwork. If the artwork you would like to make requires more than 5g of silver clay, additional silver clay is available at RM100 for 2.5g or RM 130 for 5g of silver clay. As a reference, a standard mid size ring with thin band requires about 5g of clay.

About Us
Happy Hour Club is the first ever creative experiential cafe in Malaysia, set in a gorgeous cafe brimming with Insta-worthy spots, we aim to provide an elevated cafe experience through fun and functional DIY experiences such as tufting, jewellery-making, pottery-making, sculpture-casting (coming soon), and many more to come in the efforts to promote the idea that taking time off is essential to our lives.

We have put lots of thoughts into each DIY experience that we are bringing in our cafe. All our DIY experiences are intentionally conducted in a non-classroom-like setting for guests to unleash their creative freedom. We do not have an instructor that’s always monitoring you, but we do have a few community managers around that are always available whenever you need help with your project.

You will be having your DIY experience at our cafe table while having your coffee & food, with no time-limit. It’s relaxing, free & easy!

We accept walk-in for all our DIY experiences, however some experiences get booked up on weekends quick, so it is always best to book in advance for weekends.



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