Design requirements & inspiration

New to tufting and not sure where to start? Fret not! Refer to the below guide to ensure your final artwork turn out well 🙂

There rule of thumb to getting a very nice final product is to go for simple designs! Here are some of the design requirements:-

  1. Go for simple designs without fine lines. The smaller your frame is, the simpler your design should be.
  2. The outer shape of your artwork must not be too curvy in order for use to finish the edges with carpet serging machine. (if outer shape is too curvy, we will finish your artwork without the serging the edges :))
  3. Your design to be tufted must be suitable for your frame size. Eg. if you go for XS frame, a simple floral shape on the left is a good design for your frame size. However if you are going for bigger frame, the designs can be slightly complicated like the design below on right as bigger frame is able to cater to more complicated design

Design inspiration

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